In a world only just discovering the Magic that flows through it, one tiny Kingdom stands at the forefront of Magical and Technological discovery.

Driven by the tireless studies and countless discoveries of the Guilds, the Kingdom has seen a period of incredible economic growth and technological advancement that has left the rest of the world stranded in the past.

The secretive Technomancers, archaic Magi and inquisitive Mechaniks have all played their part in the meteoric rise of the once downtrodden Kingdom. Technology provided by the Mechaniks has led to ever more advanced mechanisation of the Kingdom’s trade, industry and millitary. From their shining towers the six colleges of Magi each play their own vital role in the wellbeing and defence of the tiny nation, from healing the sick to calling down flaming death upon their enemies. Meanwhile the enigmatic Technomancers, former Magi themselves, have become the center of the mining and preparation of the Kingdom’s newfound wealth in crystals and have subsequently become a major part of the economy, with crucial links to both the other Guilds as well as the merchant classes.

Elsewhere, on the vast plains south of the kingdom the fragmented Clans fill out their own niches. Most tend the wandering cattle herds, but some live and hunt amoungst the feet of the mountains that divide the plains. A rare few dwell in the fringes of the great forest, but these tribes are seen as suspect by the other clans, as the crystals in the forest have a warping effect on those that live in it.

Tales of Orichallus

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